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Location, Location, Location!

Where is the best place to take your photos? Anywhere you want!! On the central coast of California we have a variety of options to choose from. Sandy beach, rocky beach, dramatic waves, forest-y trees, open fields, tall grass, studios, lakes, creeks, and urban city to name a few. Then there is the adventure of traveling to a new location outside of my main area. Yep, you guessed it! I travel to different places if you want a unique vibe. When we meet for our consultation, I get to know you better and base each location on what vibe you are going for, what places are important, or that inspire you. If you see a place in my photos that looks interesting to you, speak up! Each place can provide a wealth of backgrounds, angles, and light that will tell your story. If you find a place that you really like, I am all for an adventure. I will scope it out ahead of time and see what would work best for your photos.

Beach shoots are popular here and I often hear people worried that their photos will look the same as everyone else's. Fear not! That's why you have hired a pro. Photographers tailor each photo session to you. We make the location work for you. Each time I get a beach request I get excited to explore more of our coastline. These photos are all taken at the same beach. With variations of weather, time of day, direction, and the tide, and even person to person, the possibilities for unique photos are endless.

Open fields! We are fortunate to have a lot of open space here too. I have a few favorite places that offer a wealth of different looks. I could easily shoot there all day! Once again, all of these were at one location!

Studio time. I have a mobile studio set up that I can bring right to you! Or we can set up an outdoor studio with backdrops and fun lights. Creativity and ingenuity are all part of a photographers tool box. You may recognize some of these images from my Instagram as I did a lot of studio shooting over the last month.

I think you might get the point. No matter where we go, the location will tell your story. You will feel connected to your photos and they will be unique to you.

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