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Forgive me friends! I have been remiss in my blogging. Time to get back to it, there needs to be some education! There is a wild viral post making the rounds about a client in Florida blasting her photographer for the foreground and background "distortion" in her photos. That "distortion" is actually background blur. This is a desirable effect to make the subject of the photo stand out from the background. Professional photographers can achieve this with the combined use of their gear, distance from the subject, and the distance of the subject from the background. There is another term that many often use interchangeably with background blur. Though many will contest they are the same thing, there is a solid difference between the two. Bokeh derives from the Japanese word "boke" which means "haze" or "blur". So it is reasonable to use it as the same thing. However, it is further defined in photography as the way a lens renders out of focus points of light. It is important to understand these differences when communicating with your photographer. If the background is important to you and you want it to be a bit more prominent in your photos, let your photographer know. Many professionals are happy to adjust to accommodate our clients needs without compromising our own artistic style. Can you see the differences in background blur, bokeh, and the image with more background included? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to ask questions anytime. Cheers!

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