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Types of Photographers

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Did you know, there are many different types of photographers? Most of us can shoot any genre, from portraits, to wildlife, to weddings, and landscapes, but within our business, we tend to stick to one or two things to offer people.

Portrait photographers (that's me) tend to stick to portrait work. I prefer the more laid back, one on one or family connection to take time and chat during the session, learn fun facts about you and your interests, and explore new locations that work best for you. Within the scope of portrait work I shoot outdoors, in studio, one person or 20, one person and their pets, (30 years as a veterinary technician and more than that as a horse nerd) or a couple and their pets, I'm here for it. Can I shoot weddings? Yes, I have shot several intimate and fun weddings, it's just not my main jam.

Wedding photographers....these are a special breed of people in my book. They love the fast pace of the day, getting in all of the important shots and wrangling 50 people into one group shot. I've done it, it's a task and a half! I tip my hat to these masterminds! I work with several wedding photographers and I'm happy to jump in as their assistant and second shooter.

Nature and landscape (okay okay, this is also me) I'm basically taking portraits of Mother Earth. On my days off you might find me wandering around tide pools, or cruising a nature preserve to get photos of wildlife in its own space. It is peaceful to disconnect and just be in nature.

Sports and Action photographers (okay, ya got me, this is my main jam!) This is where I flex my super power. I have the ability to stop time. That perfect catch, that biggest tackle, the victory cheer, and the pain of defeat. I will stop time and memorialize that moment. As a rugby player of 13 years, and a history in volleyball, softball, and soccer, I anticipate the key moments and capture the peak of each athlete's effort. Their expression, their musculature, their focus....I AM HERE FOR ALLLLL OF IT! I am going to invent my own genre and call it Sportraits! You heard it here first!

Newborn photographers. HOLY MOLY these friends are incredible. They are the baby whisperers. They have amazingly creative brains and immense amounts of patience. The best ones have countless hours of time invested in learning how to safely get all of the poses you see and cherish. This is a genre that I want to impress upon you to research deeply before you just go with someone because they have a camera and will do it for cheap.

Boudoir photographers. Many portrait photographers will also do boudoir. However, there are many that have niched down to focus on boudoir. This breed thrives in the intimate connection between themselves and their model. There is a higher level of trust here than any other genre. I have been studying boudoir and will be offering it as a service in the future because it is immensely rewarding to see how much people shine and bloom when they see themselves looking so beautiful. What kind of photographer do you want to know more about?

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