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It's Just a Piece of Paper

In the age of social media and everything digital, who needs to print photographs?

The answer is simple. You do.

Why? I'm so glad you asked! Ok, so you didn't, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

I have several hard drives worth of digital photos. Cell phones jammed with thousands of memories of a moment, and of course ridiculous amounts of SnapChat filter funnies. It seems so easy. All access at our fingertips all the time. You're right, it is. Until it isn't. How often do you replace your cell phone? Does every photo transfer over to the new phone? Are you like me and download them into some mysterious black hole on your PC never to really see them again? It really sunk in a few weeks ago when I was looking for something and ran across a stack of photo albums. They were a little dusty, but I picked them up and took a look at each of them. I fell down a wonderful, tearful rabbit hole of cute memories printed and preserved in an album. I'm fairly certain I illuminated the entire room with the lightbulb that clicked on as I realized these pieces of paper weren't just pieces of paper. They were irreplaceable memories. That moment would never happen again. (grab your Kleenex if you need to) There it was, my babies snuggled up together in a sweet moment on that piece of paper. Did I take a photo like that with a cell phone? Probably. Do I know where that digital image is now? Not one clue. That discovery struck a conversation with my now adult babies. We talked about my wedding album. Garrett asked if I remembered how much I paid for that, I didn't. He asked if I remember the moments captured on each page of that album, and I did. It sparked stories about the whole wedding and all the funny little things that transpired that day.

It became abundantly clear, it was never just a piece of paper. No dollar amount could replace the memory immortalized on it.

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